Why paintings “AND” art ?

In the 20th century, painting lost its leading role due to new ways of seeing and expressing the arts. Forms of expression and techniques of art have greatly expanded since the beginning of modernism, such as with photography in visual art or visual art with the narrative nature of literature. In the performing arts, music and literature today can also add expressions of new media such as radio, television, advertising and the Internet. The classical classification of “art” has lost its importance since at least the last decades of the 20th century. Art genres such as the installation or the field of media art are no longer familiar with the classic basic classification.

Nevertheless, in spite of its attachment to the surface, painting still may be the freest in comparison with the other visual arts: its illusionistic ability enables the design of every existing reality or of purely intellectual ideas. Imagination, this is the capture of the specific properties of sculpture and architecture, the depiction of bodies in ever greater variety of forms, the unfolding of space to ever greater depth, are a characteristic of European painting between about 1300 and 1910.


An epoch-making break in the 20th century meant the renunciation on image. Painting came alongside the confrontation with reality. The design tools color, line, surface were handled as independently as the object and the design. It is not the representational reality that is reproduced; rather, one’s own pictorial reality is raised to the goal of presentation and thus detached from the reproduction of the outer appearance.

The range of painting is very large. It can convey the illusion of depth and physicality and thus reproduce images of reality as well as purely conceptual ideas. Which aspect receives more attention is epoch-specific and is closely related to the attitude to life as such with the artist’s personal intention and view.

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