Who is ‘Fine Paintings & Art’?

galerie_m_o1-1-144x144Fine Paintings & Art is a division of Ambarazul, LLC, a Gem Trade company registered in the USA (DEL) with an operational office in the Dominican Republic.


We represent galleries that offer over 2000 fine original art works, like impressionist-inspired paintings and bronze sculptures, French, American and Russian masters, western and contemporary Art.

Our interest is the welfare, satisfaction and the sustainable success of you as a collector and as an investor. Although we are not the owners of the works of art, we are consultants, direct agents and/or authorized mandates.

We can organize for you global shipping and in some cases in-home delivery as well as art consultation, compliant with your art preferences, schedule and budget.


Murari Arts






LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Ambarazul, LLC (Fine Paintings & Art) is a facilitator of transactions which form the core business of our Company and we are not the Buyer/Seller. We perform our own due diligence on both buyers and sellers and employ good care and diligence in our endeavor to put together the best possible transaction for both sellers and buyers. However, the final and definitive due diligence remains the responsibility of the parties to the transaction and as such, Ambarazul, LLC shoulders no responsibility for the failure of either one or both parties to conduct their own due diligence. We accept no responsibility for any fraudulent comments, documents, POP, POF, LOI or actions undertaken or executed by Buyer/Seller or Buyer/Sellers mandate who hold Ambarazul, LLC harmless for any damages caused.