Fine paintings & art for sale

Kandinsky Signature
Invest in Art. But be selective. With some names you can never go wrong like Chagall, Brancusi, Malevich, Pirosmani, Canaletto, Kandinsky, Renoir, Moglidiani and Gudiashvili. Yes, we do have some of their original works. VIP access. But, we also have over 2000 original art objects available or access to, in many cases directly from the owners who often bought most of them from the artists or from the families of the artists themselves: the Pissarro family, Yuroz, Michal Zaborowski, Alexandra Nechita, R.C. Gorman, Robert Hagan, Nicolai Timkov, Fedor Zakharov, Vladimir Krantz, Dmitry Maevsky and many other excellent Russian Impressionists as well as impressionist-inspired original paintings and bronze sculptures, French, American and Russian masters and Western and contemporary art. Also Latin-American contemporary paintings and sculptures.

You will be surprised what original paintings and art works are for sale directly by the owners or in small private galleries, unbeknown to the general public or the famous auction houses.  Also, let us also know if you are looking something special. We choose works of art, that in  our  opinion justify with great certainty the means employed and bring the cost-benefit factor to the artistic milieu. If you want to look at the pictures and at the documents, please contact us to give you the password to our sales site.

Do you recognize some of these artists? We have the originals for sale. 

Yuroz Yuri
Yuroz: Together in Time, Original Oil Painting

Andrianov, Piotr / Afonina, Taisa K. / Aleksandrina, Irena / Baikov, Leonid P. / Burtov, Nikolay / Chekalov, Vladimir / Csoka, Stephen / Danilevsky, Euguene / Kolotilov, Alexander A. / Kossenkov, Vassiliy P. / Krantz, Vladimir Pavlovich / Kuchin, Viktor P. / Maevsky, Dmitry 1917 – 1992 / Nechita, Alexandra / Raikhline, Igor / Samjusis / Kolotilov, Alexander A. / Kossenkov, Vassiliy P. / Krantz, Vladimir  / Pavlovich /  Semionov, Arseny N. / Shumov, Pavel / Tatarinov, German A / Timkov, Nikolai / Tkachev, Mikhail E. / Trokhimenko, Karp D. / Vasallo, J. Miret / Vasin, Vladimir / Yuroz, Yuri / Zaborowski, Michal / Zakharov, Fedor