For Sale

Our selection of artworks you see here are just a few very valuable and exclusive examples. But we also have access to works by Picasso, Monet and old masters. Please let us know if you are looking something special.

If you have received access to this page, please be aware that it is strictly confidential and you have no permission to share it with others.

 – one K. Malevich oil painting:

 – one N. Pirosmani oil painting:

 – one C. Brancusi marble sculpture:

>- two sculptures F. Botero:
Man on Horse / Sitting Woman

– one A. Canaletto oil painting:

 – two M. Chagall oil paintings:

Chagall, Le songe  / Chagall, Maries et l’ange

 – one W. Kandinsky oil painting:

– one M. Gudiashvili oil painting:

 -one A. Modigliani oil painting:

The owners of these works of art do not wish to appear publicly. If you are interested to acquire or to receive more information about them, please contact us.

After the general information and digital presentation of the documents and certificates of authenticity, you will be invited to a physical, local inspection of the original art object and the existing documents in the presence of an expert of your choice.