Fine art on the web

Forbes The uncertainties in the financial market make paintings and art into an important alternative investment and this is not necessarily handled by the classical auction houses and galleries. According to the magazine “Forbes” the art market is cooling, but online art sales are booming.


Auctioneers are in competition with dealers of original art works at every level, even in high quality art works, which are now available for sale through online galleries and online auctions. The result is that for the big auction houses sales break away worldwide, may it be Christie’s with a sales decline in the first half of the year by 27 percent, or Sotheby’s with a case of 3.1 billion to 2.4 billion dollars (Financial Times). The company’s shares have lost about a third of their value in the past year.  Auctioneer Simon de Pury: “Art sold online will increase a lot over the next few years, especially if you are selling art between $10,000 and $2m – that segment of the market can be sold more effectively through the internet.” (The Guardian). And we take it up a notch.

Eric Clapton Art Sales

Original art works by renowned artists such as Malevich, Pirosmani, Brancusi, Botero, Canaletto , Chagall, Kandinsky, Gudiashvili, Modigliani, the Pissarro family, Renoir, Yuroz, Michal Zaborowski, Alexandra Nechita, R.C. Gorman, Robert Hagan, Nicolai Timkov, Fedor Zakharov, Vladimir Krantz, Dmitry Maevsky as we offer them, are usually not purchased from Internet sites or online auctions, because there should not be any doubt in behalf of authenticity and provenance.  After the general information and digital presentation of the documents and certificates of authenticity, you are invited for a physical, local inspection of the original art object and the existing documents in original in the presence of an expert of your choice.

All operations are done with the utmost discretion. Headlines be avoided as neither the seller nor the buyer satisfy the curiosity of the public. It is our mission to discover for you interesting objects of art from private owners. Please check our offer without obligation and then ask us for additional information, should what you see be insufficient.